• Presented at
  • 2023
    Canal Convergence
    Scottsdale, AZ, USA

Games are metaphors for life. They teach us about success, failure,  learning from mistakes, working with others, discipline and rigor. When we were set to create a piece inspired by the power of play, we were impelled to explore that invisible force that pervades all game experiences: luck.

As if tossed by a giant, DICE is a large-scale interactive sculpture comprising five white cubes floating on the Arizona canal. This five-part experience invites up to 60 visitors of the Canal Convergence Festival to play with their own shadows.

Cameras placed in front and behind each cube track human bodies and turn them into projections of shadows that are drawn and redrawn by people’s unpredictable movement. This combined with random generative software creates infinitely different living artworks that are never the same.


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