VAPOR is an immersive audiovisual experience that invites people of all ages to react to the concept of water manifested in the form of light.

As water levels rise, the element’s behaviour changes along with people’s interaction with it. The piece uses light, sound, and interaction technology to create an environment that allows this human/water relationship to reveal itself and evolve.

VAPOR takes place in an enclosed foggy space where volumetric “light sculptures” are cast using two projectors on moving hydraulic stands. As people enter and move around the haze and the light, their movements trigger sounds mimicking the experience of interacting with water. VAPOR is a dance of shadows, colors, light, fog, and a changing water soundscape that wave, splash, and react like water.

Three distinct chapters representing three different water levels alter the interactive experience: ‘The Puddle’, ‘The Pool’ and ‘The Ocean’.

The inspiration for this project comes from “La Luz es Como el Agua” or “Light is Like Water”, a short story by Nobel-Prize-winning author Gabriel García Márquez from Iregui’s native Colombia. It tells the story of kids who find themselves alone at home and decide to break all the light bulbs, letting the light run free, eventually flooding their house with it just as water would. The kids then start to swim in this light, float around, and even navigate it with boats. This vivid image inspired the piece and eventually gave birth to VAPOR, a space where people can touch and interact with light that sounds and behaves like water.

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